We gathered for a photo in our Class A uniforms,
ready to leave the "Real World" from Friendship
Airport (now BWI), 09/66. Next stop - The 'Nam.
Mary Ellen & Joan watching "Twister"
with the Marines at the ARC Center on
Freedom Hill (327), Christmas-ish '66.
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The Seabees (MCB 8?) Chu Lai
between 10/66 & 5/67
The chopper's "rotor wash" stirred up the sand but
the pilots, experts in looking simultaneously horrified
and apologetic, would also repeat it to stir up our
skirts too. We quickly learned how to avoid it
ourselves, but for the "newbie" DDs
it became part of their initiation.

Mary Ellen, Glenda & Lois
in our favorite mode of transportation (6-9/67)
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Harry "Doc" Bowman, II, Wood Ridge, NJ
1st Mar Div, 3/5 Mike Co. Hai Van Pass.
Sorely missed by his brothers
in 1st Mar. 3/5,
family and friends... still and always.
They were pensive and somber
as they headed out or back to their units
We'd talk to as many guys as we could and
keep the conversation going,
anything to help hold back their dread.
"The Elegant Lads" in our variety show
at the Red Cross Center on
Freedom Hill (327), DaNang.
They were all Air Force and native Texans.
So when does a chorus sound like
they're playing instruments?
Answer:  When they're the Elegant Lads.
Brook and the guys taken between
9/66 & 6/27 possibly in
Chu Lai or at China Beach.