The Secretary of Defense of the United States
has authorized a multi-faceted
program to commemorate

The 50th anniversary
of the Vietnam War

Add this site to your browser for
upcoming anniversary activities and ceremonies
conducted to thank and honor our Vietnam War
veterans, MIAs, POWs, the contributions and
sacrifices of their families, those agencies,
organizations and allies that served with, or
were in support of, our Armed Forces.
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Take 15 minutes to view the following trailers
from Arrowhead films:
In The Shadow of the Blade, an emotion-packed documentary
of the 10,000 mile healing journey around the U.S.of a
battle-scarred UH-1 "Huey" helicopter. Fantastic video.

An Ocean Away follows the sisters of Donald Matosha to
Vietnam. With his 3rd Marine Division comrades they revisit
the mountain battlefield and meet the former NVA soldier
who'd buried the fallen Marine then later led the US
to recover his remains.

A Touch of Home: the Vietnam War's Red Cross Girls: the
story of a little-known program and the 627 adventurous
young women who went to war to do a unique job armed
only with smiles and a deep sense of patriotism. The job?
Creating a touch of home in the combat zone.

Hanoi Homecoming: A 3-Kleenex trailer generously using
North Vietnamese archival movie footage of that February day
in '73 when our POWs were released from the "Hanoi Hilton."
It includes the re-creation (with their families, this time) of their
Freedom Flight home from captivity. This one's a keeper.
Arrowhead Films
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Your comments and questions are welcome. If you're
planning to be in Washington, DC this Memorial Day
weekend to visit The Wall, be sure to come by the
Vietnam Women's Memorial and the Memorial Day
Writers' Tent (toward the duck pond) too.
I hope to see you there.
how proud I was to have served in Vietnam,
but by 1967 there was a subtle permeating fear
among returning vets
that we wouldn't be welcomed home.
Sometimes it was true
so we put away our uniforms,
spoke little or selectively about our experiences,
stepped gingerly back into the Real World,
hoped few would notice,
prayed we'd fit in
and quietly yearned for just one....

 from:  Who Knew? Reflections on Vietnam
                                                                                   ©2004 J. Holley Watts